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Lauzon Life Safety Consulting, LLC offers the best inspection, consultation, and training when it comes to the Life Safety Code and Wisconsin regulations for hospitals, nursing homes, CBRF's, ASC's, ESRD's, hospital-linked clinics and critical access hospitals.

We can help you promote self-compliance with codes (NFPA/ICC), prepare for surveys (DQA, CMS, TJC), respond to survey citations (POC, Waivers, FSES), and we educate staff both online and on-site.
​"Your Protective Shield in the Code War"
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NEW IN MAR, 2018
FIRE DRILL & FIRE PLAN Forms -- FREE sample forems will be on the FREE FORMS Page until at least the end of Nov 2019. Look in the RED box on the left side of the page.  These forms are used during the Nov 2019 WHEA Lunch & Learn Webinar.
NEW IN NOV, 2019 - Fire Drill & Plan Forms
NEW IN OCT, 2019 - ILSM Forms